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Take orders and print receipts directly from your PalmOS handheld! Use it for orders, quotations, bids, estimates, delivery reports, and more. Details...


Print from your PalmOS handheld! PalmPrint prints via infrared, Bluetooth, and serial to a wide variety of desktop, portable, and receipt printers from dozens of PalmOS applications. Details...

SCS PrintServer

If you have your own application, or another "third-party" application that supports printing, and you don't need the full capabilities of PalmPrint, SCS PrintServer is the "lite" version that might be just right for you. Developers? Interested in licensing SCS PrintServer for use with your application? You'll find information here.


Inventory manager for PalmOS! Collect inventories by hand, or using barcode scanning. Details...


Barcode-scanning optimized, customizable database software, ideal for any type of data collection or data lookup application. Details...

Handy Label

Print barcode labels to a wide variety of barcode label printers. Details...

Barcode Scanning

All Handheld Office software (except PalmPrint and SCS PrintServer) is enhanced to take advantage of barcode-scanning capability, which means that if you have a PalmOS handheld equipped with a barcode scanner, the software will operate even more efficiently (although it definitely works without barcode scanning on "normal" PalmOS handhelds). There are a variety of options for barcode scanning using PalmOS handhelds; you can read all about them here.

Want to learn more about PalmOS handhelds?

Our software runs on the Palm operating system (PalmOS). PalmOS is developed by PalmSource, and is licensed for use on handheld devices made by palmOne (including the Treo, Zire, and Tungsten lines), Handspring (now part of palmOne), Sony, Symbol (some models), Kyocera, Samsung, and others. A complete, current list of licensees, with links to their respective websites, can be found here.

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